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ITF campaigns for a Just Transition at COP 28

6 December 2023

The International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) is calling for workers' needs to be at the forefront of negotiations on the future of transport and climate financing at COP 28.

COP 28, which is being held from 30 November to 12 December 2023 in Dubai, is the United Nations conference for global discussion of the issue of climate change and its solutions.

Ahead of the Conference, the ITF released the report Climate Justice, Worker Justice: A Blueprint for a Sustainable Future, outlining key demands needed to achieve 'a worker-led transition to a sustainable, resilient transport system'.

These include:

  • committing to cut transport emissions by fast-tracking energy transition and ramping up the shift to sustainable transport modes
  • stepping up investment in climate-proof transport systems and bringing in safeguards for transport workers against extreme temperatures and natural disasters
  • taking full account of action needed on transport and a Just Transition for workers during with critical negotiations on post-2025 financing (NCQG) and Loss and Damage
  • committing to Just Transition plans for every transport sector

ITF general Secretary Stephen Cotton said: 'Workers must be at the heart of climate action in transport. The ITF has made important steps forward, joining up with key transport employers and cities as the climate emergency escalates, but we need global policies and financing. As leaders convene at COP28, it is time for them to take action to make climate justice and worker justice a reality.'

The ITF is also working with other key maritime organisations on a project to create a Baseline Training Framework for Seafarers in Decarbonization. This is being funded through the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Lloyd's Register Foundation, and aims to equip seafarers with skills as shipping transitions to zero emissions.