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Nautilus Federation Joint Assistance and Support Network

The Nautilus Federation flagship service to combat criminalisation of seafarers is the Joint Assistance and Support Network (JASON), supported by Nautilus 24/7, our round-the-clock multilingual helpline.

Through JASON, the Nautilus Federation facilitates mutual assistance and support for seafarers who are members of a Federation union. A major objective is to ensure that the IMO/ILO Guidelines on Fair Treatment of Seafarers in the event of a maritime accident are followed.

The scheme ensures that reciprocal advice and support can be provided to union members if they are involved in an incident within a port, territory, territorial waters or onboard a vessel flagged in one of the countries covered by the agreement.

Assistance available through JASON includes advice on choosing a local expert lawyer and guidance on local investigation and legal procedures. Support may also involve access to translation services and consular services.

Other areas JASON can support seafarers with include:

  • Liaising between them and their own union
  • Providing them with legal advice and relevant information
  • Providing them with pastoral support, reassurance, visiting/arranging visits by port welfare staff or seafarers’ missions
  • Helping them to obtain release in cases of detention
  • Advising on/engaging expert lawyer(s), interpreters and consular access
  • Arranging personal, medical and psychological support
  • Responding as necessary to any urgent need for assistance
  • Keeping their own union up to date with the situation/developments
  • Asserting their human and economic rights
  • Ensuring they are treated with dignity and respect by the authorities
  • Ensuring the authorities provide appropriate subsistence e.g. food and accommodation.

In addition to JASON, the Federation has produced a 'Guide to Fair Treatment' detailing what maritime professionals can expect in terms of support and assistance if they are unfortunate enough to be involved in a maritime incident.

Alongside this is the Nautilus Federation 'Fair Treatment Checklist' for maritime professionals to use to quickly remind themselves about their rights and how they can get advice and assistance if they become involved in a maritime incident.