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Nautilus to take part in seafarer welfare needs study

19 March 2024

Nautilus will be contributing to an important new piece of research which will provide an up-to-date profile of the UK seafarer population – with the aim of pinpointing seafarer welfare needs, barriers to support, and what future service provision is required to meet those needs.

The Maritime Charities Group (MCG) recently appointed two researchers from Rothesay Consulting, Dr Joanne McVeigh and Alison Kay, to conduct the research into the size and demographic profile of the UK seafarer population.

This work is expected to help the UK's maritime welfare charities to improve their understanding of the welfare needs of seafarers and their families, and plan service provision for the next decade. It will also bring the data up to date, since it was last reviewed 10 years ago and much has changed in maritime, including the impact of Covid-19.

Between them Dr McVeigh and Ms Kay have over 30 years' research experience in maritime and other industries, covering areas such as work psychology, human factors, organisational justice, policy analysis, human rights and social inclusion. Their research will examine the impact of the maritime industry and maritime organisations on the wellbeing of the individual seafarer. This 'systems thinking' approach is expected to help in gaining a deeper understanding of what needs to be done.


Researchers (L-R) Dr Joanne McVeigh and Researcher Alison Kay

Nautilus is taking part in the next stage of the process, which has now begun – an in-depth consultation by the research team with MCG member charities about the key issues to focus on, and potential sources of data. Researchers will also be attending a research network meeting in late May 2024.

Nautilus director of welfare and care Andrew Jones said: 'Nautilus is committed to the welfare of maritime professionals and their families through the work of the Nautilus Welfare Fund Charity. Seafarers play a vital role in our economy and society. As part of our commitment to giving our retired mariners a dignified and comfortable retirement, we are completing a new £10m complex of offices and accommodation development at the at Mariners' Park in Wallasey.

'The Nautilus Welfare Fund is also pleased to be able to contribute to this important piece of new research by MCG. We believe this work will enable the Fund, along with other maritime charities, to further improve our understanding of the welfare needs of our seafarers and their families, and plan service provision for the next decade.'

Dr McVeigh said: 'Our seafarers are not only "assets" in the maritime industry, but human beings with families and loved ones at home. We firmly believe that seafarers should be valued and treated well and look forward to working with MCG member charities and other UK maritime organisations to undertake this important study.'

The research will be taking place over the next few months, with the aim of publishing findings by the end of the year. Nautilus members will be presented with further information about opportunities to take part as the consultation process takes shape.