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Nautilus welcomes new RFA commodore David Eagles

12 November 2020

Nautilus has welcomed a new commodore at the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA), David Eagles, who has taken command of the service.

The Union's general secretary Mark Dickinson is expected to soon meet with the commodore to discuss issues affecting the RFA and UK maritime industry.

In a letter to the commodore Mr Dickinson said: 'As a major employer of UK seafarers, the RFA is at the forefront of ensuring our maritime resilience, improving diversity at sea, and training the next generation of British seafarers. Nautilus shares these objectives and very much look forward to working with you to further these aims.'

Cdre Eagles replaces Commodore Duncan Lamb who was with the RFA for 43 years.

Cdre Eagles, from west Devon, has served for more than 30 years in the RFA, most recently commanding RFA Fort Victoria.

He said: 'It is a great honour and privilege to assume the duty as Head of Service and I look forward to working with our superb team of seafarers and civil servants to deliver our operational outputs and promote the RFA Service across defence and Government.

'May I also recognise the hard work and leadership of my predecessor Duncan Lamb in leading the RFA through the past five years and, latterly, the unforeseen ongoing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.'

The RFA has 13 vessels, including tankers, supply vessels, amphibious support ships and the UK's only aviation training/casualty treatment ship. It provides the fuel, supplies, ammunition and cargo space to support the Royal Navy when on deployment anywhere in the world.