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United Kingdom

UK government releases new recommendations for resuming international cruises

13 April 2021

The Department for Transport has released The Safe Return of International Travel report, which recommends the removal of measures limiting outbound travel and the reopening of international cruising from 17 May at the earliest.

Domestic cruising is set to resume in England from 17 May. For international cruising, the report suggests a restart at the same time as the wider reopening of international travel. This will be accompanied by the introduction of an improved traffic light country system.

Under this system different restrictions will be applied to travellers on arrival, depending on risk.

For example, arrivals from amber listed countries are required to self-isolate for 10 days and arrivals from red listed countries must quarantine in a hotel for the same 10-day period.

A 'Green Watchlist' will be introduced to identify which countries are at most risk from moving from green to amber.

The government will be holding three checkpoints on 28 June, 31 July and 1 October to review measures.

The full report is available for download on the UK Government Website.