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'Working Safely At Sea': a campaign for better safety awareness in the maritime sector

14 January 2022

Every year unnecessarily injuries and even fatalities happen in maritime. The Dutch Safety Board's annual 'Shipping Accident Report' shows that almost half of the incidents at sea involve an industrial accident.

That is why Nautlilus is backing the 'Safe Working at Sea' campaign, to raise awareness of safety onboard ships and at port.

The campaign has created a free, extensive toolkit to support training courses and discussions about safety within companies. This includes training videos of 'near misses', experiences of deckhands and captains, plus free infographics and posters.

Free campaign materials are available at English language material is under development.

'Safe Working at Sea' is part of the prevention program of the Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM) and was developed on behalf of the Dutch shipowners' association KVNR, the Association of Hydraulic Engineers and the Fisheries Sector Council Foundation in collaboration with Nautilus International.