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Yacht sector reminder: let us know immediately about non-payment of wages

5 August 2022

Nautilus members are urged to get in touch with the Nautilus yacht team as soon as they experience any payment issues stemming from work onboard a Russian vessel.

To ensure we can work effectively on your behalf it is vitally important that you make us aware of the situation as soon as possible, since some claims have time limits. Also provide us with all relevant documentation, including a copy of your seafarers employment agreement (SEA), copies of all expenses owed and receipts, plus details of any accrued leave.

Many members are still reporting non-payment of wages due to sanctions imposed following the invasion of Ukraine. Often this is despite the wishes of the Russian owner, who is willing but unable to pay.

You should therefore think very carefully before accepting a new contract onboard a yacht – or from a crewing agency – with any ties to Russia.

The Union is also aware that some companies used to employ and pay crew are being put into administration, because they have not received expected funds from Russian owners.

However, even if the shell company that has been used to pay you goes into administration, the ultimate employer is not off the hook. There are legal options available to keep pursuing claims for unpaid wages; Nautilus will continue to take action to retrieve the money you are owed.

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