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Join the protest: stand up for your right to strike!

17 May 2023

Nautilus International is calling on UK members to join a protest on Monday 22 May against the UK government's attempt to restrict the right to strike.

The government is currently progressing legislation undermining the right to engage in legitimate industrial action. Nautilus, alongside the Trades Union Congress (TUC), opposes this legislation and the sweeping powers it will give the Secretary of State to restrict the right to strike of key workers, including maritime professionals.

Some of the most pernicious elements of the proposed legislation were amended in the House of Lords last week, but the bill is expected to return to the Commons on Monday 22 May.

Join us and support the right to strike by attending the emergency rally opposing the anti-strikes bill at 6pm, Monday 22 May at Parliament Square, Central London.

If you are interested in attending the rally, please fill in this expression of interest form.

If you are unable to attend but wish to leave a message of support, you can do so here.