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Union to tackle safety of navigation near offshore installations

24 October 2023

Nautilus has pledged to step up its efforts to ensure seafarers are safe, following a vote of members at the Union's General Meeting in Liverpool.

The motion Safety of Navigation near offshore installations noted an increase in conflicts between Merchant Navy and fishing vessels, particularly in areas where renewable energy installations have been installed or expanded, displacing fishers from traditional fishing grounds.

Proposing the motion, Nautilus member Henk Eijkenaar highlighted that the conflicts between merchant and fishing vessels are 'hazardous to all professional mariners and fishing vessels'. He explained that 'merchant ships and fishing ships should have more understanding about each others limitations when working'.

Mr Eijkenaar called on Nautilus International to 'explore with social and industrial partners effective means of mitigation', and 'continue to campaign for the improvement of safety of all those who work at sea'.

Seconding, Nautilus member Captain Jessica Tyson added that the industry should be 'working to actually get a solution to the problem that many of us have to deal with particularly in close quarters situations'.

Following a unanimous vote of members in support of the motion, the document has now become a resolution committing Nautilus to:

  • collaborate with social partners to raise awareness of the issue
  • explore effective means of mitigation
  • continue to campaign to improve the safety of all those who work at sea
  • campaign to ensure that transition to renewable energy is just and inclusive of those both directly and indirectly impacted by decarbonization efforts.

The full text of the motion is available in the My Nautilus members' area of the Nautilus International website.