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Nautilus podcast Off course: Episode 4 – rising through the ranks featuring Captain Susan Cloggie-Holden

7 March 2023

First female master of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Captain Susan Cloggie-Holden talks about about her extraordinary career in the latest Nautilus podcast to drop in Episode 4 from 'Off course: a sideways look at life at sea'.

Released just before International Women's Day, Capt Cloggie-Holden explains how her career has meant managing risk under high pressure, supporting Royal Navy and Merchant Navy seafarers, and promoting a more representative maritime workforce.

Women make up as little as 3% of the global seafaring workforce, so Captain Cloggie-Holden has some valuable insights. She tells us about her motivation to pursue a career at sea, her journey to becoming the first female captain, some of the challenges she's faced, and what advice she would give to those coming up through the ranks.