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Share your views with government on the future of cadet training

27 January 2023

Nautilus is encouraging members to influence seafarer training for the better, by responding to a new consultation on the future of cadetships.

The review is being conducted by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT).

It is the next stage in the Cadet Training and Modernisation (CT&M) Programme, which is aimed at delivering the recommendations of the Maritime Skills Commission on how to ensure newly trained seafarers have the education they need to secure employment in a changing industry.

This consultation seeks the views of the wider maritime industry on the syllabuses for deck, engine and electro-technical cadets. The updated syllabus modules are available to view as part of the process, so that you can provide expert feedback.

Click here to share your views by participating in the consultation.

The consultation closed at 17.00hrs on 20 February 2023.

Ask the expert – seatime what to expect

Q: I’m going on my first sea time phase, what should I expect about living onboard?

A: Your living conditions will depend on the vessel/ship type, but there are a few things that are useful for every cadet to know before you go onboard. The most important thing to remember is that the ship is not just a workplace – it’s
home for you and the rest of the crew onboard. You will be in a shared living space, so there will usually be a certain level of conduct expected. A good rule of thumb is to clear up after yourself – keep your cabin and the living space tidy (though you shouldn’t have to clean up after everybody else!) – and also be conscious of the hours of work and rest, as during your waking hours others will be resting. Most of what is expected will be common sense but the Merchant Navy Code of Conduct, which was co-created by Nautilus, is a good guide. It covers everything from punctuality to duties, treatment of accommodation, behaviour towards others and company procedures