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Get involved: Sea to City

20 January 2022

Seafaring skills are in constant and high demand across the maritime professional services sector. But a Nautilus International survey in 2019 found that many seafarers do not get much information from their employers on the opportunities that exist ashore, and most are unaware of what additional qualifications or training they might need to make the most of a career move.

Many also lack the professional connections often required to make introductions and recommendations. That is where Sea to City can help.

This joint initiative between Nautilus and Maritime London pairs people currently working in the UK maritime services sector with those at sea who may be considering a move.

Mentoring is a highly valuable development activity formed around a relationship between a mentor and a mentee focusing on the development needs of the mentee.

To register or to find out more contact:

Benefits for the mentee

  • advice on timing for making the switch from sea to shore
  • details about onshore positions that can be achieved dependent on seagoing rank
  • guidance on the skills and knowledge required in the maritime services sector
  • key contacts and networking
  • retraining advice and support
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