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Seafarers as keyworkers at heart of Union commemorations of Merchant Navy Day

3 September 2021

In commemorating Merchant Navy Day, Nautilus drew attention to its Build Back Fairer campaign.

The campaign calls for all seafarers to be designated as key workers and for the UK maritime industry to support a new era of accountability and transparency in the shipping industry.

A central theme to this campaign is more support for maritime training so that Union members have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the future and be able to respond to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead with new technology and decarbonisation.

Nautilus is taking these actions to the heart of government - to both the Labour Party Conference and the Conservative Party Conference, to ensure members' voices are heard.

Maritime professionals can also sign up today for LISW events the Union is hosting and taking part in such as the Sea to City Symposium.

Members also still have time to take the Union's crucial 10 yearly Shipboard Social Conditions Survey, and help it get a detailed picture of the challenges facing today's maritime industry.

This long-term outlook offered by the study will be used by the Union to inform its campaigning, strategy development and lobbying efforts.